What are franchise owners saying?

Is Camp Bow Wow a good franchise? Hear from the experts – our franchise owners

We have more than 175 franchise partners operating over 150 Camp Bow Wow units in the U.S. and Canada. Talking to franchise owners is one of the most important steps in the process of evaluating a franchise opportunity, if you choose to pursue a Camp Bow Wow franchise, we’ll help you get in touch with franchise owners to get their perspectives on the business.

Here’s a preview of what you might hear:

“With Camp, I don’t feel like I work at all because I love it. I don’t think you can put words to it. I literally walk into it and there are 99 dogs and it’s loud and crazy and I just love it. I got married just about a year ago and now I have six kids between his kids and mine, and I come here to relax. I’m not in the yards; I help customers as they roll in, but you’ve got to work on your business, not in it. That balance is perfect. I can always go in there and play with the dogs if I want to.”

—Tami Sarra, South Windsor, CT

“When I talk with potential franchise owners who call to investigate the brand for their own due diligence, one thing I always try to point out is that even though we’re not there every day actually operating the Camp, I’m still the one that gets the call in the middle of the night when the (climate-control) alarm goes off. If any type of emergency arises, you’re still the one responsible. It’s still a 24-7 commitment. Once you open, you never close. You’ve always got dogs there, and that’s the thing I want to point out to people who are used to a 9-5 job.”

—James Daniel, Charlotte, NC

“I feel so good about the level of care we provide people. They aren’t having to take their dogs and lock them up all the time in a kennel or drop them at a daycare that doesn’t do staffing levels the right way or do proper protocol and procedure. I feel like we’re literally helping people. The financial conversion that comes with opening them is so good. The more Camp franchises that open, the more it becomes a known brand and the more demand there is. Before we opened, nobody even knew what doggie day care was and none of these dogs got to go enjoy themselves during the day. Now, it’s the cultural norm.”

—Jordan Murray, Pittsburgh, PA

“I love this business. I’ve owned a business before, so this was the next right step. I love the clients and dealing with the dogs. I love the freedom. I can’t say we have a lot of free time, but with franchising we have a lot of people there to help us, and because we run our own business, we get to make our own decisions about our facility. We broke even in 9 months.”

—Michelle Bryson, Cherry Hill, NJ

“I feel like they keep getting smarter and smarter with what they’re doing. They’re always looking at what the next new thing is and what can we do to improve our business. They’re looking at making it more modern. I see Camp Bow Wow as adding just more and more locations. It’s amazing how many people are interested in this. It’s amazing how many people call me to ask about it.”

—Drew Detlefs, Baton Rouge, LA

“What I love most is the fact we can make a difference in the community. It allows us to do dog rescue work, and we love doing that. We also love doing staff development. Our employees tend to be young ladies and young men, and we love to foster their development and growth as adults. Most of our employees come to us at 18, 19 years old, sometimes in their early twenties. As they’re with us, we see them grow into adults, full responsible members of the community. We’ve been able to take a few people with us and hold them by the hand and get them to a rewarding fulfilling career that they can have for a lifetime. We’ve seen people go from being kids under our tutelage to buying houses and getting married and having kids.”

—Ann Roth, Detroit, MI