The largest pet care franchise in North America has a lot of room to grow

Camp Bow Wow is the largest pet care service provider in the U.S., and our nearly 140 unit franchise system has enjoyed strong year-over-year growth.

Pet care services is a $69 billion industry, according to the American Pet Products Association (APPA), and the boarding and grooming segment that Camp Bow Wow occupies accounts for nearly $8 billion of that. The industry growth rate is an impressive 7% annually. There’s a tremendous opportunity for scaling up and investing in a concept that is as good-hearted as it is fiscally sound.

Nearly half of American households have dogs — that’s 48%, or an estimated 90 million dogs and growing, according to the APPA. Pet ownership has been on the rise for the past two decades with no end in sight. Market research firm Mintel reports that over 60% of owners consider their animal companions to be members of the family. All these factors contribute to strong revenue growth in the boarding and grooming industry, and what that means for you is the potential to not only achieve your financial goals, but to exceed them.

Camp Bow Wow helps dog lovers leverage their passion to drive profitability. Our franchise owners are unabashedly obsessed with dogs, and we are constantly striving to improve their health and happiness while creating profitable and sustainable businesses.

We predict we will be the Starbucks of doggy day care and boarding. More and more people are treating their dogs like their children, and they don’t just want to dump them off somewhere. They want to take them to the most trusted name they know.

A brand loved by 4-legged and 2-legged customers

Dogs come to us, and then as we say, enjoy “All Day Play Snooze the Night Away®.” Whether they’re here for day care twice a week or checking in for a 10-day stay, pet parents enjoy the peace of mind knowing their fur babies are being cared for by highly trained Camp staff and playing with their dog friends all day.

We absolve pet owners from ‘separation guilt’

Before Camp Bow Wow, dog owners felt guilty that their dog was locked in a crate while they were at work or on vacation. They feared they sacrificed the dog’s happiness for their “week in the sun.” But not so with Camp Bow Wow. The dogs may actually have a better time than their pet parents.

camp bow wowMeanwhile, franchise owners enjoy the perks of making money doing something they love — being around dogs and serving fellow dog lovers.

North Carolina attorney James Daniel and his wife, Patti, a teacher, have always been dog people, and when they started researching retirement opportunities, James liked what he heard about Camp Bow Wow. It seemed to dovetail perfectly with their interest in dogs and their need for a revenue stream that they could manage outside of their full-time careers. They didn’t care much for kennels when it came to their black Labs Chelsea and Chester, and they loved Camp Bow Wow’s innovative dog-first philosophy. They also loved the “proof of concept” of over 100 franchise owners who’ve been in business for many years.

“There’s a lot of potential for future growth with the brand and the services we provide, especially with the support we get from the entire corporate team,” James said. “The combination of industry revenue trends, as well as Camp Bow Wow staking out a role as a leader in the industry, indicate a strong future for us.”

Diversifying revenue over multiple revenue streams

Camp Bow Wow is more than just a state-of-the-art boarding facility, we also offer multiple service lines. This empowers franchise owners to maximize their earnings potential and also caters to our customers’ needs and the health and happiness of their fur kids.

Business experts always advise entrepreneurs to create multiple streams of revenue. Camp Bow Wow has done this on your behalf. Our revenue streams include boarding, day care, training, grooming and in-home pet care. All services are provided by domain experts who are highly skilled and use only rewards-based training methods.

The core business

Boarding and day care make up the bulk of revenues and allow the business to generate money day and night. Meanwhile, additional services like pet grooming, training, and in-home pet care allow franchise owners to generate more income and deepen their relationship with customers and their pooches.

According to the Financial Performance Representation in Camp Bow Wow’s 2018 Franchise Disclosure Document, the average Camp Bow Wow location generates over $840,000 in revenue, and our top franchise owners generate more than $1.2 million.*

We disrupted the dog kennel business by creating a resort and day care dogs would design for themselves

Dogs need three things to thrive: socialization, exercise, and stimulation. They love making friends. They don’t want to be locked away in cages for 23 hours a day, only being let out for brief bathroom breaks or listlessly pacing in a lonely dog run. That’s yesterday’s kennel.

Today’s dog scampers excitedly in our indoor and outdoor play yards under the watchful eyes of Camp Counselors, who’ve been specially trained to supervise and manage dog pack behavior. Campers have all day to play with new friends and get lots of attention from the 2-legged critters running the place. Pet parents can see for themselves how much fun their dogs are having by watching our live-streaming high-definition webcams from their smartphones and computers. That peace of mind builds satisfaction among our 2-legged clients. Our 4-legged clients show their satisfaction by pulling on the leash as they come into Camp, eager to play with their friends.

What are the qualifications of a pet franchise owner?

Our franchise owners run the gamut when it comes to career backgrounds, but they have two things in common: They share our magnificent obsession with dogs, and they understand what it takes to run a profitable business.

7J9A6089For instance, former banking industry executives Jordan and Barbara Murray knew from the start that they wanted to be multi-unit owners. They have five Camp Bow Wows open or under development in Pittsburgh, and the Murrays say they were attracted to Camp Bow Wow as an investment because locations have historically been quick to break even and then generate strong, positive cash flow. The “premium provider” position allows for higher revenue and margins, allowing the Camps to provide a “Wow!” experience to our 2-legged clientele and a “Bow-Wow!” experience to our 4-legged ones.

Franchise owner Tami Sarra has been with us since 2007 and couldn’t dream of a better way to combine her vocation (making money) with her avocation (love of dogs). She’s passionate about her South Windsor, CT, Camp. “I’ve always been a very hands-on owner. I personally love to be there.”

James, the North Carolina attorney who has three Camp Bow Wows open, says if you like having fun with dogs, it would be tough to find a better business to be in. “There’s always something going on with customers and employees, but at the end of the day, you’re taking care of dogs.”

Whether you desire to be a dog care business owner-operator like Tami or empire builders like the Daniels and the Murrays, if you have a passion for both dogs and business, we would like to talk with you. Fill out the form at top right to download our free Executive Report, or click the button below to learn more about our franchise opportunity.

*Figures represent averages for the 128 revenue-reporting franchises open and operating for more than 12 months during the 12-month period ending December 31, 2017. Of all 128 franchises, 56 exceeded the average of $841,890. Of the 32 franchises representing the top 25%, 8 (25%) exceeded the average of $1,225,676. Of the 32 franchises representing the bottom 25%, 15 (47%) exceeded the average of $514,553. The financial performance representations contained in Item 19 of our 2018 Franchise Disclosure Document also include: (1) select expenses for expense-reporting franchises; and (2) system-wide gross revenue.