Who are our customers and what are they saying?

2-legged and 4-legged customers alike love the perks of our pet franchise

Henry O’Connell, a project manager for a Denver-area builder, wanted to find a place for his rescue pup Sammie that would keep her entertained, energized and take the edge off her anxiety issues.

He heard about the Camp Bow Wow near Coors Field in downtown Denver from his brother and sister-in-law. Their dog is six months old and “insanely full of energy,” Henry said.

Did a day at Camp Bow Wow do a good job of burning off that energy? “Shockingly so.… Whenever they bring her home from here, she’ll actually relax for once and stop attacking all the cats.”

That seemed like just the sort of place for Sammie, a shepherd-chow mix. As Henry and Sammie prepared for Sammie’s interview — the meet-and-greet protocol Camp Bow Wow requires of every dog before admitting them to Camp — Sammie whined softly, shivering nervously. Henry watched on the Camp Bow Wow LoDo lobby monitors as a Camp Counselor brought Sammie back to the interview space and slowly introduced her to the day camp environment. Sammie began to meet other dogs, to sniff around, to trade olfactory introductions. Sammie’s anxiety began to melt away, and after 30 minutes or so, Henry was able to leave her in trusted hands, knowing he could check up on her at any time on the webcam feed on his smartphone or his computer.

“The place that I have taken her for about four years was getting crowded, and I needed an alternative, a better place,” Henry said. “She came home nice and tired from Camp Bow Wow, which is helpful for a dog with Sammie’s energy,” Henry said. “And obviously, it helps with her attitude and being happy, her overall pleasure.”

Jacquelyn Pyun brings her dog Ushuaia, a 2-year-old shepherd mix, to Camp Bow Wow in Denver’s LoDo neighborhood about once a week because the rescue group where she found her canine companion thought it might help with the pup’s innate shyness. It has, and Jacquelyn recommends Camp to her dog friends “all the time.”

“My dog is incredibly hyper and she needs a lot of exercise, and so it really helps give her socialization. And also she comes home and sleeps for 12 hours, which she never does, which is awesome. I think it builds her confidence.”

“She has a ton of fun, I can tell. She still drags me in here.”

Testimonials and reviews

Of course, there are thousands of such happy reviews from around the country, and we invite you to check them out. Our customers review their local Camp Bow Wow on social media, so you can find out exactly what they’re thinking. We pulled a few of our favorites:

Dog parents don’t come any more neurotic than me. That’s a fact. So, needless to say, I pondered bringing my little nugget here for quite a while before I worked up the nerve. What the heck was I waiting for?! Camp Bow Wow is a doggie wonderland! There are tons of other dogs to play with and “Counselors” watching them non-stop. Prices are reasonable and it is money well spent.

Highly recommended!

—Heather H., Las Vegas, Yelp!

I love Camp Bow Wow! And so does Kuma 🙂 I have brought him here quite a few times whether I need to go out of town for work, or am going to Disneyland (and feel he should have doggy Disneyland time) or even on days I know I am working late. The Camp here is really friendly and the staff puts up well with calls to check up on Kuma my fur baby! 🙂 they are always positive and it makes me feel at ease knowing Kuma is well taken care of with people who enjoy animals and their jobs there 🙂

Overnight stays prices are very good and include two full days of Camp which is awesome !! (some places do not include Camp play days with overnight and lock up dogs during the day 🙁 )

Another huge plus is the cameras so you can watch or check in on your dog if you’re missing them or curious what they might be up to. If you don’t see them you can always call and the employees there are happy to update you on what’s going on with your puppy 🙂 (I called once and Kuma was eating lunch) lol

I would highly recommend Camp Bow Wow and there are multiple locations, which is super convenient for traveling as well 🙂

—Maxine M., San Diego, Yelp!

At Camp Bow Wow they make you feel like family! All of the staff members have smiles on their faces! You can tell they love their jobs! I’m very impressed with how clean the facility is! A great bonus is that you get to watch your pup while they are there!

—Betty D., Royal Oak, MI, Yelp!

I have been taking my dog to Camp Bow Wow since he was 8 months old. He will be 4 soon. When I pull up to the door he starts wagging his tail and can’t wait to get out. The staff is so friendly and they just love on my dog. He has spent full days and even some overnights and I have no worries that the staff is not taking good care of him. When I pick him up he comes out all excited and he looks like he is smiling! I wouldn’t think of taking him any place else. This is an awesome place to take your pet.

—April B., Alpharetta, GA, Facebook

Our boy (Thorne) loves Camp Bow Wow & all the staff. He gets so excited when we tell him he is going to Camp Bow Wow. He starts jumping whining & ready to go. He calms down on the ride there. Then when we get off the exit, he knows he is close & he starts jumping & whining again, when we get there he runs for the door. We love Camp Bow Wow also for the great care & the love they give our boy. Thank you Camp Bow Wow staff.

—Sue M., Westlake, OH, Facebook

I like Camp Bow Wow because they took good care of our Buddy for two days. I really like the idea of the videos of our dog playing. I was very happy to see what Buddy was doing whenever I wanted. That was great! I think Buddy loved playing with other dogs and he loved the place. When we pick him up, they give us all the details of what he did and whom he played with and how he ate. I loved reading that! The price was also very reasonable. I will for sure leave my pet here, next time we go on a vacation.

—Padmapriya N., Waukesha, WI, Google Places

Sonny is so eager to return to visit his friends at Camp Bow Wow in Myrtle Beach. He knows that his Dad gives him more treats when he has enjoyed himself at the beach. It’s easy to relax and enjoy all that Myrtle Beach has to offer knowing that Sonny is well taken care of in a safe, comfortable environment which ensures that all his playmates are healthy and have good manners! So whether on vacation at the beach or “day-tripping,” I’m happy that the Camp is at the beach!

—Marshall S., Myrtle Beach, SC, Google Places

I take my dog here on days when I know we won’t have time to exercise. Wonderful facility. The staff is very friendly and loves the dogs. I am able to download the app and watch my dog run around throughout the day. When I pick her up from “Camp” she immediately falls asleep in the back of the car and does the same when she finds the couch. I couldn’t be happier with Camp Bow Wow.

—Shea K., Tonawanda, NY, Google Places