A franchise for dog lovers

Our magnificent obsession: We love dogs. And we love business. We want to work with people who are passionate about both.

Every franchise system exists to make money, and ours is no exception. Great businesses, though, have a larger reason for existing – a mission that makes us happy to get out of bed every morning and face the day. We love dogs. Dogs are the heart and soul of our business, the inspiration for our company’s origins and the reason everyone, from the top executives to the part-time Counselor who supervises a Teacup area full of smaller breeds, feels so driven to make things better every day.

When you tour our “Houndquarters” in Westminster, CO, you’ll notice that every office has a dog gate – and almost every office has a 4-legged occupant sharing space with the humans.

We bring our dogs to work, and we truly understand the customer’s anxiety about putting their dog in day care or boarding him for several days. That kind of empathic thinking is the not-so-secret secret to our success. Dogs are our magnificent obsession, and that obsession drives everything from the state-of-the-art design of our boarding Cabins and indoor-outdoor play yards to the exhaustive checklist of daily duties that is hanging in every franchise owner’s Camp.

Must love dogs

Millions of Americans are just as obsessed with Canis lupus familiaris as we are, and they’re the customer base we’re tapping into. Big dogs, small dogs, purebreds and mutts look at us with their soulful eyes and their expressive faces and we just melt. That tail thumping on the floor as he lays at your feet; her excited two-legged dance when she hears the rustle of the treat bag in the pantry; the way they instinctively know when something’s wrong and you just need to cuddle; the thrill of running five miles with your best friend at your side.

Camp Bow Wow customers dote on their dogs. We do, too. Customers appreciate the fact that every Camp Bow Wow has dedicated staffers who will always put the dogs first, and watch over them every minute during all-day play. They appreciate that we provide lullabies for our overnight guests, piping in soothing music that has been proven to have a calming effect on dogs, which is especially helpful when a dog is away from home. Customers like knowing they can watch our live-streaming webcam while they’re at work to see what their pups are up to anytime. They can even check in from their smartphone with our mobile app.

Making a difference in the community with Bow Wow Buddies Foundation

Camp Bow Wow and our franchise owners work hard, play hard… and love hard, too. We love dogs so much we can’t bear the thought of them in pain. Charitable giving has always been an informal part of the company, and it became official in 2007 after founder Heidi Ganahl traveled to Greece when she learned the plight of street dogs there.

“We ended up bringing back 26 Greek dogs, more to raise awareness about their situation than anything, but we fell in love with the people in Greece who were doing the work and trying to save the dogs,” she said.

“We realized we really should create a 501(c)3 and make it a formal part of our business.”

Thus, Bow Wow Buddies Foundation was born. Today, the Foundation provides canine veterinary care grants to rescue organizations, shelters and families in need. Franchise owners get involved in their individual communities, fostering dogs and helping them find forever homes, partnering in adoption events and working with shelters and rescue groups to promote spaying and neutering to curb overpopulation.

When franchise owner Ann Roth is ready to retire someday, 10 or 20 years from now, she already knows exactly what she wants to be remembered for: “That I made a difference in the lives of dogs and their people.”