What services does Camp Bow Wow provide?

Boarding and day care drive most revenue, and other services create additional opportunities for pet care franchise

The pet care industry has tremendous tailwinds. That means it provides your pet care franchise with tremendous lift — and tremendous potential. Camp Bow Wow is dedicated to making life better for all dogs, but we’re equally committed to helping all our franchise owners find success.

Boarding and daycare are the two core services that drive business at Camp Bow Wow franchises, but we offer many more services to enrich both our canine care and provide upsell opportunities for franchise owners.

Boarding. Premier, temperature-controlled facilities with comfy cots, cozy fleeces and a devoted staff make for happy 4-legged Campers and pet parents who keep bringing them back to enjoy more perks like premium Cabins/private accommodations and Campfire treats at tuck-in. Plus, all our overnight Campers get to enjoy daycare during the day.

Day care. Dogs are social animals who crave company, and care during the day is increasingly the best option for singles and two-career families who care about their dogs’ needs. Dogs are supervised in spacious indoor and outdoor play yards divided by age, size and temperament.

Baths & full-service grooming. Nobody wants a smelly dog, and some of our Camps offer full-service grooming for those times between stays when owners want to spruce up their pups. Baths and grooming are a great upsell opportunity.

Training. Beyond teaching a dog to sit, stay or heel, our certified Behavior Buddies Counselors work with dogs in a reward-based program to alleviate bad behaviors and help dogs be the best canines they can be in private sessions or group class settings.

In-home pet care. Sometimes boarding dogs isn’t practical. Maybe they’re too young, or perhaps they have non-canine or even non-mammalian friends who can’t come to Camp. Home Buddies provides pet sitting for dogs, cats, birds, fish, small mammals, and reptiles, as well as care for special-needs animals, dog walking, waste cleanup and more.

Retail. Though it’s only a small portion of our business model, each Camp carries a modest selection of toys, treats, food, and leashes, in case pet parents have left something important at home.

“We’re passionate about two things: pet care and monetizing pet care,” said Camp Bow Wow President Christina Russell. “We are committed to helping our franchise owners succeed.”

Future opportunities: The Big “Wild Card”

Our recent acquisition by the VCA, the largest chain of animal hospitals in the country, promises to create more outstanding opportunities for Camp Bow Wow franchise owners in the future.

Who makes a successful franchise owner?

Camp Bow Wow appeals to both single-unit and multi-unit investors, but no matter what the level of investment, they all share some common characteristics. Our franchise owners are:

  • Passionate about business
  • Passionate about dogs
  • Able to work in a high-energy environment
  • Able to instill a strong service culture and lead by example
  • Possesses a strong business acumen
  • Good corporate citizens who are willing to be involved in the community and participate in events involving dogs and their people