What are the startup costs for a Camp Bow Wow?

Startup costs for a Camp Bow Wow ranged from $783,500 to $1,485,000 in 2017

The startup investment for a Camp Bow Wow franchise is all inclusive and ranged from $783,500 to $1,485,000 in 2017. Startup costs depend on a variety of factors including the size of your facility, construction costs and your local market and may be lower or higher than the range from 2017 shared above.*

*For more information on these costs, please refer to Item 7 of our 2018 Franchise Disclosure Document. Your costs may vary depending on a number of factors.

The typical owner will invest $150,000-$200,000, which includes their franchise fee, and finance the rest through the SBA or other loan options.

The following chart is from our 2018 Franchise Disclosure Document:

Type of ExpenditureAmount LowAmount HighMethod Of PaymentWhen DueTo Whom Payment is to be Made
Initial Franchise Fee$30,000$50,000Lump SumUpon signing the Franchise AgreementUs
Dog Trainer Fee$5,000$5,000Lump Sum or on an approved payment plan, upon request30 days before you or your designated Personnel attends the Dog Trainer Certification ProgramUs
Travel and Room and Board While Attending Initial Camp Services Training, Scout Training, and the Dog Trainer Certificate Program$0$5,000As IncurredAs IncurredAirlines, Hotels, Restaurants, and other Third Parties
Leasehold Improvements$525,455$567,679As IncurredBefore OpeningContractors and other Third Parties
Equipment, Supplies and Opening Inventory$49,437$55,575As IncurredBefore OpeningSuppliers
Home Buddies Operational Launch Package$0$2,000As incurredBefore Opening Home Buddies ServicesThird Party Suppliers
Dog Cabins and Interior Fencing$116,662$133,543As IncurredBefore OpeningSuppliers
$5,355$10,725As Incurred
Before OpeningSuppliers
Webcam System$19,500$21,453As IncurredBefore OpeningSuppliers/Third Parties/Us
Camp Payroll$2,910$16,680As AgreedBefore OpeningThird Parties
Home Buddies Management Payroll$0$12,500As IncurredAs IncurredThird Party Suppliers
Rent and Utilities$37,843$77,163As AgreedBefore OpeningThird Parties
Plans and Permits$12,782$21,510As IncurredAs IncurredThird Parties
Professional Services Expenses$0$20,947As IncurredAs IncurredThird Parties
Camp Launch Advertising$25,000$25,000As IncurredAs IncurredThird Parties
Financing Fees$4,700$56,542As AgreedBefore OpeningThird Parties
Additional Funds for First 3 months of Camp Operations$25,000$25,000As IncurredWages - bi- weekly, otherwise, as incurredPersonnel, Suppliers and Utilities
Additional Funds for first 3 months of Home Buddies Operations$0$12,500As IncurredWages - bi- weekly, otherwise, as incurredPersonnel, Suppliers and Utilities

These figures are discussed in greater detail in our Franchise Disclosure Document. Once you’ve started a conversation with Camp Bow Wow about joining the brand, if it looks like we’re likely to be a good fit, we’ll send you a copy of the FDD to discuss in detail. We’re happy to answer any questions you may have. To get started, fill out the form at top right to download our free executive summary.